– 01 August 2010 –

(Drinkwater Storm Cat x Dazzledots Jungle Clouds)

Dazzledots On Cloud Nine aka Sky is a black tabby rosetted boy. He is awesome and is also very lovely. He has an amazing pattern with large rosettes, ultra short and clear coat, superb contrast, beautiful head type and a short tail. Sky is a very relaxed bengal cat who loves showing.

See his own show page for the current show results. He is a real show stopper !

Current title: WORLD CHAMPION & International Premior (independent shows)

BEST KITTEN Allbreed Top Cat Competition show period 2010-2011

3rd Best Adult Allbreed Top Cat Competition show period 2011-2012

5th Best Adult Allbreed Top Cat Competition show period 2013-2014

2nd Best Alter Allbreed Top Cat Competition show period 2015-2016

 Thanks Mara for trusting me this stunning boy.

HCM/PKD normal (clear); 1st test performed on 27 July 2011 

HCM normal (clear); 2nd test performed on 15 August 2012 

HCM normal (clear); 3rd test performed on 28 August 2013

HCM normal (clear); 4th test performed on 13 August 2014

HCM normal (clear): 5th test performed on 19 August 2015

HCM normal (clear); 6th test performed on 17 August 2016

HCM normal (clear); 7th test performed on 23 August 2017

HCM normal (clear); 8th test performed on 29 August 2018

Next HCM screening planned in August 2020 !

PKdef – N/N (normal)

 N/N – Normal – no copies of the PRA-b mutation

 Sky was neutered end of July 2015 and found his forever home with Ingeborg & Wim 😉




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