– 16 February 2013 –

(Pocket Leopards Origami x Pocket Leopards Dark Orchid)

A new mink boy has arrived named Pocket Leopards Frozen Moments aka Blizzard 😉 He will be a stunning addition to my snow program and he is a charcoal too.

Since some of my girls are sepia carriers they will make a nice combination with Blizzard and hopefully next year the first sepia kittens will be born in my cattery. So excited about this !

More pictures and information when he matures.

Agouti/charcoal test – APb/a

PKdef – N/N (results of 11 September 2013)

N/N – Normal – no copies of the PRA-b mutation (test results January 2016)

HCM/PKD negative; 1st test performed 19 February 2014

Not available for outside stud service

Blizzard has found his forever home 😉