– 22 June 2017 –

(Kanpur All About Me x Bengalivo Superstitious)

Bengalivo Some Like it Hot aka Diablo is a new brown boy; at this moment some brown boys are in the litters and I needed to make a choice. Since I think it is important to look at all features, it took a while before I decide which boy fulfilled most of my wishes for the perfect bengal 😉

Diablo is a very red coloured boy, nice muscular body (for his age), nice chin and profile, very thick and short tail and amazing colour and pattern.

PKdef N/N and PRA-b N/N (by parentage)

HCM/PKD normal (clear); 1st test performed on 20 June 2018

After almost 2 years Diablo did not manage to get girls pregnant and therefore I decide he will retire of “breeding” – Diablo found his forever home and is going together with Tsunami<3