– 23 Juni 2013 –

(Dazzledots On Cloud Nine x Kanpur Extreme Attraction)

Bengalivo Stop N Stare aka Typhoon is an awesome black tabby rosetted boy; he is the younger brother of the famous Bengalivo Without Words of Kanpur aka Matrix ūüėČ Typhoon has an amazing pattern with large rosettes, ultra short and clear¬†coat, superb contrast,¬†beautiful head type¬†and a short tail. Typhoon is going to replace his father Sky.

6th Best Kitten Allbreed Top Cat Competition show period 2013-2014

6th Best Adult Allbreed Top Cat Competition show period 2014-2015

Current title:  International champion (independent shows)

  HCM/PKD negative/clear; test performed on 11 June 2014 !

HCM negative/clear; test performed on 03 June 2015 !

PKdef – N/N (by parentage)

PRA-b  N/N (normal) by parentage

Not available for outside stud service

Typhoon moved to a new cattery in Croatia ūüėČ