– 21 June 2011 –

(Dazzledots On Cloud Nine x Kanpur Extreme Attraction)

Bengalivo Mian Madurai aka Mian is the first keeper out of Sky and Breeze. From birth on I knew he should stay as one of the keepers. Mian has a very short coat, huge rosettes, an amazing pattern, exceptional shoulder markings, fat short tail and a lovely face. He has really a WOW factor and we could not resist not to keep this handsome boy.

Mian is living with Korica Geurin who is going to show him.

Current title: WORLD Champion (independent shows)

2nd Best Kitten Allbreed and Best Shorthair kitten Top Cat Competition show period 2011-2012

3rd Best Adult Allbreed and Best Shorthair Adult Top Cat Competition show period 2012-2013

2nd Best Alter Allbreed and Best Shorthair Alter Top Cat Competition show period 2014-2015

PKdef – N/N (normal) by parentage

PRA-b  N/N (normal) by parentage

HCM/PKD negative/clear; 1st test performed on 15 August 2012

HCM negative/clear: 2nd test performed on 14 August 2013

HCM negative/clear: 3rd test performed on 13 August 2014

HCM negative/clear: 4th test performed on 19 August 2015


Day 22 - kittens Breeze 007