– 25 May 2015 –

(Guru Mega Blitz x Bennvoyagee Argenta Unica)

Bengalivo Furr Real aka Cyclone will be one of the new boys. Cyclone is out of one of the last litters of Thunder; he is the only brown out of a litter of five kittens and the rest are all silvers and could not resist to keep him since he has an amazing short coat, nice head and profile and amazing pattern.

For sure he will be one of the new show stoppers !

BEST KITTEN Allbreed Top Cat Competition show period 2015-2016

PKdef N/N by parentage

N/N – Normal – no copies of the PRA-b mutation (test results January 2016)

Charcoal/Agouti = A/a (melanistic carrier)

Cyclone is not carrying for snow but carries for marble

HCM/PKD negative; 1st screening performed on 25 May 2016

Cyclone has moved to a new breeding program to produce even more stunners as he already did 🙂