– 01 January 2018 –

(Ocispots Corvette Stingray x Kanpur Dior Cherie)

Kanpur Unique Artwork aka Draco is an amazing brown rosetted boy. His pattern is very special, he has a nice profile, good chin, nice tail, short shining coat and strong body. So excited to see what he will produce with my girls.

Thank you Diana & Carl for this amazing addition <3

PKdef N/N and PRA-b N/N (by parentage)

HCM/PKD normal (clear); 1st test performed on 24 April 2019

Next HCM screening planned for May 2020


Draco is looking for his forever home. He is not happy as a stud boy and needs a lot of attention and will be neutered on 08 April 2020.