– 25 February 2019 –

(Navenger des Griffes de Feu x Legend Princess des Griffes de Feu )

Pixel des Griffes de Feu aka Dot arrived early June 2019. Dot has an amazing head, good profile, strong chin and nice ears. I fell in love with him after seeing even more pictures of him on Facebook. His character is amazing too and he purrs loudly and making biscuits all the time. Dot will go to some shows to see if he likes it.

Can not wait till next year to see what he will produce with my girls 😉

End of November 2019 Dot joined the On Safari show with 31 adult bengals. He became 2nd Best Overall Adult (just behind Worlds Best Bengal Batifoleurs Kibo), got breeders choice Best Wild Looking Bengal Adult and Best Profile Bengal Adult. So proud of him <3

Current TICA title: Supreme Grand Champion (at the age of 9,5 months !)

PKdef N/N (tested by Langford) and PRA-b N/N (by parentage)

HCM and PKD planned for 16 June 2020 (was planned for February/March but due to COVID-19 postponed !)

Kitten pictures of Dot