Planned breedings for 2019

More plans are coming soon; need to plan the litters over the complete year so that

each litter with kittens get enough attention !

Breedings for 2019 are just plans and plans could be changed since

the cats sometimes have their own planning 😉

In case you are interested in a specific combination, please let me know and

I can add you to the preference list for that specific litter/combination

Now together (for mating)

Kanpur Unique Artwork Bengalivo In The Clouds

Planned for 2020

Bengalivo In The Clouds x Bengalivo Top Notch (brown and seal lynx rosetted kittens)

Bengalivo Shining Star x Bengalivo Top Notch (brown rosetted kittens)

Guru Winter Moon x Pixel des Griffes de Feu (brown rosetted kittens – all seal lyx carriers)

Bengalivo The Divine One x Kanpur Unique Artwork (brown rosetted kittens – all seal lynx carriers)

Bengalivo Superstitious x Pixel des Griffes de Feu (brown rosetted kittens)

Al Jannas Madita x Pixel des Griffes de Feu (brown rosetted kittens)