Absolutely Rising Moon

retired September 2014

Moon and her son Fearless Rajah are now living with Linda & Terence

Kanpur Twilight Zone

retired January 2014

Daze is now living with Kaylee & William

Bengalivo Pure Quartz

retired November 2013

Daze is now living with Roxane

Silverstorm Amazing Secret

retired October 2012

Jade is now living together with Clouds at Lianne’s place

Kanpur Silver Sunrise

retired May 20123

Sun is now living with Anja and family in Belgium

Anjali Titanic Seducer

retired July 2012

Titan is now living with Fam. van Uijthoven


Glitterglam Hot Spot

retired March 2012

Hot Spot is now living with Rob and Luut

Bengalivo Jungle Dream

retired April 2012

Dream is now living together with Pearl by Polina

Azanabengals Pure Intuition

retired April 2012

Pearl is now living together with Dream by Polina

HuntersRidge American Dream

retired April 2011

 Dakota is now living together with her daughter Cooper in Nijmegen


HuntersRidge Crystal Clear

retired April 2011

Crystal is now living together with one of her sons by Anna


Tica CH. & EC Praslin’s Extreme Addiction

retired April 2011

Jewel is residing together with Wild Jaguar by Jose en John


Dazzledots Social Acclaim

retired May 2010

Now residing together with 2B by Arjen (January 2011)


Thar Heera of Bengalivo

retired May 2010

Now residing with Ger and Ans Verhoeven (June 2010)


2B Marble of Cocktail House

retired January 2010

Now residing together with Acclaim by Arjen (January 2011)


Brockenmoor Macho

retired January 2009

Now residing with Petra and family


 Asha Alicia Masatoshi

retired July 2008

Now residing together with Bengi by Marjolijne (September 2009)



Bengi of Bengalivo

retired September 2008

Now residing together with Asha by Marjolijne (September 2009)



Lopend Vuur Tinkerbell

retired June 2008

Now residing with Wouter