– 25 July 2015 –

(RisnSun Hot Rain x Oasisbengals Flourishing)

A new girl called Oasisbengals Sauvage aka Brisa. When I first laid eyes on her, I directly noticed her tiny ears and I knew she would be an amazing addition for my breeding program. Brisa has an amazing head and chin, lovely pattern and hopefully she will carry for snow.

PKdef N/N by parentage

Carrier for seal lynx and blue !

N/PRA – Carrier – 1 copy of the PRA-b mutation; vision will be normal (test January 2017)

HCM/PKD normal (clear); 1st test performed 21 September 2016

Next HCM test planned for December 2018

Brisa is looking for a forever home after her current litter (begin January 2019)