– 23 Augustus 2010 –

(Trendar Flash x Azanabengals Kit Kat)

Kanpur Extreme Attraction aka Breeze is a black tabby rosetted girl. Whenever I saw a picture of this girl of the age of 21 days I was totally blown away and decided directly to get this girl. She has an amazing profile and nice small ears and huge rosettes. Thanks Diana for this stunning girl !

Current title: International Champion (independent shows)

HCM/PKD normal (clear); test performed on 21th September 2011 !

HCM normal (clear); 2nd test performed on 13 February 2013 !

HCM normal (clear); 3rd test performed on 25 February 2015 !

HCM normal (clear); 4th test performed on 29 March 2017 !

HCM normal (clear); 5th test performed on 29 August 2018

Next HCM screening planned for August 2020

PKdef – N/N (normal)

N/N – Normal – no copies of the PRA-b mutation (test results January 2016)

Breeze is spayed 04 August 2017; unfortunately she developed a pyometra 🙁 Breeze found her forever home with Romy & Dymph

kit kat 1