– 29 May 2012 –

Dazzledots On Cloud Nine x Kanpur Silver Sunrise

Bengalivo Glow in the Dark aka Glow is a very nice black tabby rosetted girl. Very dark and cool of colour, no rib bars, nice head and lovely character.

She will be a nice addition to my silver program due to her dark colour and for her first litter she will be mated by Bengalivo Silver Imprints aka Glaze.

Agouti/charcoal test – AFc/a (melanistic carrier)

PKdef – N/N (normal)

N/N – Normal – no copies of the PRA-b mutation (test results January 2016)

HCM/PKD negative; test performed on 29 May 2013 !

Glow is now living with a breederfriend – Cattery Wildtemptation Bengals 😉