– 20 June 2015 –

(Sunstorm Lege Artis x Bennvoyagee Bonanza)

Bennvoyagee Odette aka Sparkle is a new brown addition. She is a halfsister to my stunning boy Bennvoyagee Impress Me aka Cirrus. Sparkle is already a proven queen, she has a nice head with a good chin, nice coat texture, pattern and colour. So excited to see what she can produces here with the boys.

Thanks Marina for this amazing girl <3

PKdef N/N and PRA-b N/N (by parentage)

HCM normal/clear Рtest performed August 2016 (in Russia)

HCM/PKD normal (clear); 2nd test performed on 07 February 2018

More pictures

Sparkle retired in August 2019 and found her forever home <3