– 21 February 2012 –

(Dazzledots On Cloud Nine x Kanpur Extreme Attraction)

Bengalivo Look at Me aka Star is the new keeper girl out of Sky and Breeze. She looks very similar to her older brother Mian and hopefully she will colour up the same as he did. Star is doing great at shows and has her own show page 😉 See there for her results as kitten and adult !

Current title: WORLD CHAMPION (independent shows)

3rd Best Kitten Allbreed and Best Shorthair Kitten Top Cat Competition show period 2012-20113


9th Best Adult Allbreed Top Cat Competition show period 2012-2013

3rd Best Adult Allbreed and Best Shorthair Adult Top Cat Competition show period 2013-2014

6th Best Adult Allbreed Top Cat Competition show period 2014-2015

PKdef – N/N (normal) by parentage

 PRA-b  N/N (normal) by parentage

HCM/PKD normal (clear); test performed on 13 February 2013 !

HCM normal (clear); 2nd test performed on 25 February 2015 !

HCM normal (clear); 3rd test performed on 05 July 2017 !

Next HCM screening December 2018

Star was spayed on 29 March 2018 – she is going to live together with Virga to enjoy their retirement 😉