– 26 July 2014 –

(Pocketleopards Frozen Moments x Bengalivo Glow in the Dark)

Bengalivo Dark Moments aka Opaque is the first charcoal girl born in my cattery. In first instance, I was a little bit disappointed since Glow delivered two black kittens. But after they dried up I discovered that the girl was a charcoal and I could not be happier 🙂

Opaque is a very lovely, human bonded girl. She loves to lay on your lap the whole time, is not afraid of strangers and very playfull. She has an amazing coat with huge rosettes, no barring, nice head and chin and she is carrying for snow (sepia).

She will give some stunning kittens with my new snow boy 😉

PKdef – N/N (normal) by parentage

PRA-b  N/N (normal) by parentage

Agouti/Charcoal Result:
Apb/a – Charcoal Bengal cat. Carries 1 ALC Agouti and 1 non-Agouti genes.

Colorpoint Result:
C/cb – Carrier of Burmese (sepia) color.

HCM/PKD negative; test performed on 19 August 2015

Opaque was spayed on 27 January 2017 and found already her forever home !